Best Liquid Silicone Rubber 2023


1. Let’s Resin silicone mould making kit

As one of the best selling Liquid silicone rubber mold kits on Amazon, The Let’s Resin brand is synonymous with the craft world and liquid silicone inparticular.

Customers are particularly happy with the ease of use, durability and relative cost, when considering that the results from cheaper brands do not yields great results.

Beginners to the craft will be good to go and you can wipe up any spills with some warm, soapy water or a little rubbing alcohol. You have a five minute working time with the product and any air bubbles will dissolve within two hours at room temperature. Perfect for making a whole range of products such as soap molds, candle molds or silicone molds for resin casting.


2. Silicone Mold Making Kit

A slightly more economical liquid silicone rubber mold kit that is available in larger pack sizes for aspiring mold creators that have plans to craft many different molds in a clear colour.

Many great reviews for this liquid silicone at it’s price point, but there are a minority of reviews mentioning that it sometimes takes more time than it should to cure.

Again thisa product is praised for its distinct lack of bubbles in the final product and the packaging is designed to keep any unused product ready to go next time you fancy some molding.


3. BBDINO Silicone Mold Making Kit 20A Silicone for Mold Making 1 Gallon



Well reviewed and popular brand of liquid silicone rubber in a nice 1 gallon size, enough to produce silcone rubber molds on an industrial scale. Well noted for its ease of use, lack of air bubbles on cure and durability, the BBDINO liquid silicone will cure at room temperature in 4-5 hours and is suitable for beginners to silicone mold making.

Odorless and non toxis, the cured product can be used in all hygience critical applications and has a 3-40 minuted working time.


Choosing the Right Liquid Silicone Rubber Product for Your Project

Choosing the ideal liquid silicone rubber product for your project is a critical step in ensuring outstanding results. Start by carefully assessing the specific needs of your project, considering factors like desired hardness, color, temperature resistance, and flexibility. It is essential to also take into account any applicable industry regulations or standards that must be met. Evaluate the physical properties of the available liquid silicone rubber products, including tear strength, elongation, and durometer. Assess the compatibility of the product with other materials and chemicals that may be involved in your project. By diligently considering these factors and aligning them with your project’s requirements, you can confidently select the perfect liquid silicone rubber product that will deliver exceptional performance and durability for your specific application.


Popular Liquid Silicone Rubber Products: A Comprehensive Overview

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has become incredibly popular in a wide range of industries, and it’s easy to see why. In the medical field, LSR is commonly used to create implants, prosthetics, and catheters due to its exceptional biocompatibility. This means that it’s safe to use in the human body and provides comfort for patients. But LSR doesn’t stop there—it has found its way into our homes too. You’ll find it in everyday items like kitchen utensils, baby products, and even wearable technology. The flexibility and durability of LSR make it perfect for creating items that can withstand daily use and resist chemicals and UV rays. Plus, in the automotive industry, LSR plays a crucial role in producing gaskets, seals, and electrical connectors that can withstand the heat and demands of the road. With its ever-expanding popularity and its ability to enhance various products, liquid silicone rubber continues to revolutionize industries and improve our everyday lives.


Versatile Applications of Liquid Silicone Rubber Products

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) offers an array of exciting possibilities for crafting enthusiasts right in the comfort of their own homes. Its versatility and user-friendly nature make it an excellent choice for various crafting projects. LSR can be used to create custom molds for resin casting, allowing you to replicate intricate designs or capture fine details with precision. This opens up endless opportunities for creating unique jewelry, decorative objects, and artistic pieces. Additionally, LSR can be utilized in clay modeling to make reusable texture stamps or molds, enabling you to add intricate patterns and textures to your clay creations. The flexibility and durability of LSR make it perfect for crafting flexible and durable DIY stamps, ensuring crisp and clear impressions on paper or fabric. Furthermore, candle making enthusiasts can explore LSR’s heat resistance by creating custom candle molds, enabling the production of beautifully shaped and detailed candles. LSR’s ability to withstand high temperatures ensures safe and reliable mold usage. With its remarkable properties, liquid silicone rubber empowers home crafters to unleash their creativity and bring their artistic visions to life in a wide range of crafting projects.


Benefits of Using Liquid Silicone Rubber Products in Various Industries

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products offer a multitude of benefits that make them invaluable in various industries. One of the key advantages is their exceptional temperature resistance, allowing them to withstand extreme heat and cold without compromising their performance. This makes LSR products highly sought-after in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications where reliability under challenging conditions is paramount. Furthermore, LSR exhibits excellent chemical resistance, ensuring its durability and longevity when exposed to harsh substances or environments. In the medical field, LSR’s biocompatibility and hypoallergenic properties make it an ideal choice for creating safe and reliable implants, seals, and other medical devices. Additionally, LSR products are known for their flexibility, elasticity, and low compression set, making them ideal for sealing and gasket applications. The superior tear strength and tensile properties of LSR ensure long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance in various industries. With its versatility, durability, and compatibility with different manufacturing processes, liquid silicone rubber continues to revolutionize industries, offering exceptional benefits across the board.


Frequently Asked Questions about Liquid Silicone Rubber

Is liquid silicone rubber safe to use at home?

Yes, liquid silicone rubber is generally safe to use at home. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and does not emit harmful fumes when properly used and cured.

Can I use liquid silicone rubber for food-related projects?

Yes, there are food-grade liquid silicone rubber products available specifically designed for culinary applications. These are safe for creating molds, utensils, and other food-related items.

How long does it take for liquid silicone rubber to cure?

The curing time of liquid silicone rubber can vary depending on factors like temperature, humidity, and product formulation. Generally, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for LSR to fully cure, but some products may have shorter or longer curing times.

Can I use liquid silicone rubber for making molds?

Absolutely! Liquid silicone rubber is commonly used for making molds due to its excellent mold-making properties. It can capture fine details and reproduce complex shapes, making it a popular choice for casting resin, soap, candles, and more

How do I mix and pour liquid silicone rubber?

Mixing and pouring instructions may vary depending on the specific product you are using. Typically, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended mixing ratio, thoroughly mix the components, and then pour the mixture into your mold or desired application.

Is liquid silicone rubber reusable?

No, once liquid silicone rubber is cured, it cannot be re-melted or reused. However, you can create multiple casts or molds using the same original silicone rubber mold.

How should I store liquid silicone rubber?

It is important to store liquid silicone rubber in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Make sure to tightly seal the container to prevent moisture or air exposure that may affect the product’s performance.

Can I color liquid silicone rubber?

 Yes, liquid silicone rubber can be pigmented or tinted using specially formulated liquid or paste pigments. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended coloring agents and mixing ratios.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when working with liquid silicone rubber?

While liquid silicone rubber is generally safe to use, it’s advisable to wear gloves, protective eyewear, and work in a well-ventilated area. Read and follow the product’s safety data sheet and instructions to ensure proper handling and usage.